Marriage is always between Three: you, your husband, and God at the centre

My husband and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary this week. It was a beautiful day, filled with celebrations; we enjoyed our favorite breakfast, picked up a box of delicious cupcakes from our favorite cake shop, visited a sunflower field, and had dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. It was perfect.

And yet, somehow even without all those things, this day would be just as special. All those things were just ‘extra’. All we needed on this day, and each day, is God and His grace.

The most powerful moment of our day was a quiet moment where we had the opportunity to thank God for the past three years, reflect on the blessings we have shared including the birth of our sweet girl, and we did this all while putting our wedding bands on the other’s finger. It brought tears of joy to our eyes and was just so powerful.

In doing this, we could feel so strongly just how special the mission and gift of marriage is. God, in His love for us, created marriage so that we could have a partner to journey towards heaven with. Marriage, over these past three years, has revealed to me just how much the Sacrament reflects the Holy Trinity. Marriage is between two people: a man and a woman. But it won’t work without a Third: God.

When we think back to these three years, not every moment was like a fairytale. In the moments of hardship, we were able to overcome through God and His grace in a powerful way.

My husband has truly been a vessel of God’s grace in my life and in our marriage through his patience, understanding, and heart of love and care even in the most difficult of moments. My husband teaches me each day what it means to love like Christ and to strive for goodness in each area of our lives. I am grateful that God has given me such a virtuous, wonderful man as my husband. He is truly my best friend and my perfect companion for this life here on earth. I do not take this gift for granted and give thanks each and every day of my life.

Marriage is a special gift that I feel very blessed to have entered into and wanted to also encourage any single ladies who feel called to marriage to continue bringing this desire to God. Discernment is key as well as trust that the Lord will send to you the right person if God’s Will for your life is indeed the Sacrament of marriage.

For all the married ladies, I will say a Hail Mary for you today so that our Lady intercedes for you in all matters and that your marriage is always between Three: you, your husband, and God at the centre. Thank you for your ‘yes’ and your witness to this beautiful Sacrament each day!

In love and prayer,

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