Marian Apparitions

As we enter into week two of our October Series on Mary we wanted to focus on how does Mary speak to us?

One of the most well known ways...has been through Marian Apparitions. An apparition, in it's most simplest explanation, is an particular experience or encounter, usually in the form of a supernatural vision with Our Lady.

There have been many questions with regards to how to approach these apparitions and do we believe them? According to Catholic Doctrine, the times of public revelation ended when the last Apostle, John, died. Which means that anytime the Church approves an apparition, it is deemed as a private revelation.

What is important to note is that these revelations, if approved, NEVER reveal anything that has not already been revealed to us through God in Scripture. There is nothing "new" that will be added or taken away from the revealed and doctrinal teachings of the Church. These apparitions simply deepen our understanding or help bring us back to an already revealed truth.

Throughout this week we wanted to journey through a few of these Marian Apparitions and dive deeper into the messages which Mary spoke to us.

May we always remember that Mary will never take away our focus from her Son. These apparitions are not about her...they are about bringing us closer to her Son through her.

Here is a great article that explains more information about what Marian Apparitions are in the Catholic Faith: https://www.catholic.org/mary/appear.php

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