Making idols in my life?

How often have we said that we are just too busy, with no time to pray/ How often have we let the pressures of our lives, come before having a relationship with God?

During this time of quarantine, I started to realize that it wasn't because of my lack of time that my prayer life wasn't altogether. It was because of me, and the fact that I hadn't made God a priority in my life.

While being stuck at home, there are many moments of my day that I know could be used for prayer. Instead, I find myself putting things like working out, tv, books and other things ahead of God.

So today, I want to change that. I also want to encourage all of you my dearest sisters to think about whether or not God is the first priority in your life? Is He the first thing that you think about? Do you wake up with gratitude to God that you have another day? Do you spend a few minutes with Him reading His word? Do you take the time to say a simple prayer before you make food, to thank Him for this gift? There are so many ways that we can incorporate God in our life more! To make Him the priority in our lives.

I encourage everyone of you, to reflect on your relationship with God and see there areas that you can improve in.

Praying for you all.

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