Make your perspective broader

Struggles suck. Difficulties suck. Suffering sucks. I am probably preaching to the choir with this one!

We don't like it when we face difficulties. They are hard, they drain us, they hurt.

I was talking to my Spiritual Director this week and he brought to my attention a very important point regarding suffering. He explained that sometimes God will allow certain difficulties or sufferings in our lives because He wants to sanctify us.

From the outside it probably doesn't feel like love at all. But this is where we need that change in perspective. If we focus on our difficulties through the lens of the present moment or our earthly lives only...well then yes it's practically impossible to see a greater blessing or purpose in them.

But now take it outside of the box. Make your perspective broader.

What is your goal? What is your ultimate destination? HEAVEN! TO BECOME A SAINT!

This involves constant growth and sanctification...and yes it hurts! Sometimes it hurts a lot. But when we are able to approach it with an eternal perspective it's easier for us to see what this suffering is trying to teach us or which virtue are we able to grow in because of it. We turn a boulder into a stepping stone.

Change your perspective! And watch how God transforms you into the saint you were created to be!

Walking Together,

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