Made For Him

Have you ever chased something for so long just to realize that it wasn’t what it promised itself to be? And then still you continue chasing it? And then you wonder why you’re not happy yet? Have you ever thought that if you achieved enough, you would finally be happy? If enough boys liked you, you would be 'enough'? If you got enough public acknowledgement, you would be worth something? If you had more control over others, life would be better? The devil twists what already exists and taints how we see it, by planting lies in our mind. Knowing Who’s I am and what purpose He created me for is a very powerful tool to use, in our DAILY spiritual battle. I’m not talking about a memorized-speech, intellectual-kind-of knowing Who Our Creator is. I’m referring to a deep knowing that He is with me always and that without Him, I am nothing. I am nothing without Him, because it is only because of Him that I am alive. My life isn’t about being ‘enough’ for other people. That is an exhausting and unproductive cycle to live in. Like St. Augstine said, we are made FOR HIM. That deep sense of belonging, of being enough, of being special, of being someone, of being cared for... that is all to be found in Him. No #CoupleGoals, no academic achievements, no pretty decor can fill the heart that is made for an Irreplacable, Perfect Love. Let’s do our best to be mindful of the things we do, specifically of the motivation behind our decisions. Two people can be doing the exact same thing, but the fuel and the fruits can be completely different. So, as you may hear at the end of mass: “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life”

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