Love Your Family

When we look at society today it's hard not to become overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening and all the hurt that surrounds it all.

We get this desire stirred up in us that we want to change the world, to fix it, to save people. It's a natural instinct in us and that instinct is not bad! We need it!

If we approach that desire through this big picture lens...that is when it becomes overwhelming because we don't even know where to start and it seems more and more like mission impossible.

My dear ladies, this is where St. Mother Teresa becomes our beacon of wisdom! When someone asked her how can we change the world her answer was "love your family."

Change has to start with ourselves and our family. We cannot control those around us, and if we keep trying to gain that control it will always be a never ending stress. All we can control is our own change.

Never underestimate how strong your actions can ripple and reach those around you.

On this start to a new week, strive to become the change you want to see in others.

Walking Together, Sandra

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