Love Truly Is A Choice

Love is a choice.

That was always something that I knew in theory and drilled into my students at every talk I gave.

"Love is not merely a feeling, it is a choice."

How many times do we get aggravated or annoyed by someone and instead of choosing to love...we choose to react in frustration or anger?

Marriage has definitely tested that in me in more ways that I can image. But recently this same line that I have been drilling for years came drilling back to me.

When I would feel myself get frustrated by something... I'll be honest, very small...I would hear this voice in m heart say "Sandra, choose to love, choose the love your husband even more."

I will be honest, there were times when it was so much easier just to sit in my frustration or react passive aggressively. But the moments when I decided to choose to show love, even in the smallest ways, brought this calm and peace into my heart, and this thing that seemed so annoying to me I was now able to see differently or approach without so much emotions attached to it.

And this doesn't just apply in marriage...this is everyday! Someone cuts you off in traffic, you can choose to let your road rage roar, or you can choose to bless that person and maybe say a quick prayer for them to keep them safe.

Maybe you have a co-worker or friend that has a particular habit that gets on your nerves. You can choose to lash out, or you can choose to do something extra for them today or help them out with a particular task.

I know it doesn't always feel like it...but love truly is a choice. It is a choice that we can make the minute we lean on God who is that Love. When we allow ourselves to act in a way that He would.

Choose love today ladies!

Walking Together, Sandra

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