Love truly does conquer all

We all have people in our lives that we dearly love, people who influence us, people who push us to be better, and people who support and guide us in life. This could be your boyfriend, sister or brother, parents or even your best friend. But sometimes these people are the ones who hurt us most, by their actions or by their words.

And in those moments we need to learn to forgive. How many times did Christ say to forgive? Not 7 times, but 70 times 7.

Pride is something that we as humans struggle with, humility allows us to conquer and show love and kindness even when we have been hurt.

I think we sometimes place people on a pedestal, and when they hurt us we don’t accept their humanity. We are all human, and we have faults and flaws. We need to remember that when someone we love dearly, hurts us. They are just human, and our humility and gentleness is what is going to help another person to grow.

When someone hurts you, the greatest thing you can do in that moment is to pray. Your prayers are so powerful. They are a direct line to God, who is always there to care for you. He loves you so much. When you offer your hurt, and accept and love this person, so much greater will be your reward in heaven.

I know for myself that remaining angry and ignoring someone only hurts me even more. It causes me to fester in my pain and to wallow. But when I turn it to Christ and ask for His help, I can still look at this person with love, no matter the situation.

My dear sisters, let’s pray for the grace to see everyone we love with the goodness and the faults in them. Let us pray for humility even in the moments that are difficult in our lives where our pride is hurt. Let us pray for gentleness of heart that we can embrace those who hurt us.

Love truly does conquer all. And not in the cheesy way from our chick flicks, but in the way that Christ teaches us to love. And in the way that He laid down His life for us. He is the perfect example of laying down yourself for the good of the ones you love. He loves us so much. Through that love He was able to accept all suffering of the cross. When we are hurt, think of Christ on the cross and His pain and suffering. And through His example, we can love another even when we are hurting.

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