Love is more then a word

The word "love" nowadays is thrown around so loosely. It's something I'm guilty of doing myself.

Have you ever heard (or perhaps yourself said) something that sounds like...

Tacos? I love tacos! Wow, I love dogs. Dogs are my favorite. It's so sunny out, I love this weather! I love going for walks. That blouse is gorgeous, I love it! Totally gonna buy it. I'm really artsy. I especially love to draw. I love watching shows like The Office when I'm down. "I love you."

This word, love, is used in a lot of different ways. But what does it mean?

Our Church defines love as, "strong affection, closeness, or devotion to things or persons."

These words: affection, closeness, devotion are all indicators of vulnerability; of something sacred.

Scripture also tells us that "God IS love".

If we take all of this and meditate on it, we may uncover that the word 'love' is truly sacred. Yet, we hear it all the time, in so many different contexts.

I can't help but wonder if over time it has made it easier for us as a society to lessen the weight of it as a whole. This one word has great and deep meaning. If this is the case, why is it used to describe things that don't compare to its importance?

I have worked on this a lot the past several years and really have tried to be more mindful of how I use this word.

I found that overtime, in doing so, the definition of 'love' for me has become more profound and meaningful. When I say it to my spouse, it is the same as me saying to him, "I lay down my life for you and will do so each day". When I tell my friends I love them, it means "I will always be there to uplift and support you and walk with you towards heaven". When I say it to my parents, it means "I am so grateful you brought me on this earth. You mean so much to me".

And let's be real, this wouldn't work so well if I said it about tacos!

"The things that we love, tell us who we are." ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

We should be careful with what we choose to give this honor of love to. It must be worthy of what love is. For everything else, there is deep appreciation.

Today, I wanted to invite you to be more mindful of how you use the word 'love' in your life. What will you uncover?

In Christ, Kasia

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