Love is a sacrifice.

"Love is unselfishly choosing another's highest good." -C.S. Lewis

Many times in my life, I have reflected on what it means to truly love someone. I have watched for many years my parents as they moved through different stages of life and seen their love for each other grow. But I always though about how is it that after so many years, they can still continue to grow in love.

The love we see in movies is so fleeting and temporary, people fall in love as quickly as they do out of it. So how does love become one that last throughout the many different stages of life. It comes down to seeking the good in the other and wanting the greatest good for that person.

To love someone means that you want that person to be saved with you. It means that you will do everything in your power to ensure that they will strive for holiness. It means being sacrificial of your own desires and needs for that other person. It means getting up at ridiculous hours to make them breakfast. It means praying for holiness for them. It means shovelling the driveway for another. It means listening to that person's troubles, even when you have a million other things that you have to do.

Love is a sacrifice. The Cross is our greatest example of what it means to choose the highest good of the other. It shows us everyday, how we are to pick up our crosses for one another to love one another.

If you are struggling to know what love is, look at the Cross. Ask the Lord to teach you to love selflessly, sacrificially and truly.

Praying for you.

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