Love creates connection, not conditions. Love gives, not uses.

Genuine love occurs when we are able to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about another person. Love creates connection, not conditions. Love gives, not uses.

Sometimes genuinely giving of ourselves feel really hard and leaves us feeling resentful. Whatever the reason is for us feeling this way, our relationship with Christ is necessary.

In other words, in order for love to be a gift without condition, we need to first accept it.

When we allow God to fill up our cup, we are able to fully be present with another human being for their own sake, without judgment or expectation. Love frees us up to ask "what can I give?" or "what can I learn about this person?" rather than "what can I take?".

In practice, this may look like asking the person questions about whatever is important to them, for the sake of getting to know who they are. Loving may also look like going out of our way to help someone else, without expecting anything in return. In can also look like believing in someone, and making that visible.

Sometimes you will need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to enjoy the day with and those are all beautiful gifts to receive. But don't stop there! I challenge us to deepen all our relationships by looking past ourselves. Be creative and thoughtful in how you can serve, love, and tend to the needs of other people.

Your relationship with Christ is the most important relationship you will ever have. Nurture that relationship, make it personal, and, in time, you will notice a difference in how you interact with others, and even in how you think about them.

In the same spot as you... trying to love the best I can


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