Lord I give you everything

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Happy #MusicMonday Ladies! I was thinking quite a bit about what song to reflect on for this month. God always likes to inspire me in different ways and it never fails to amaze me how he does it!

I was sitting in Adoration at the Be Free Women's Retreat that happened this past weekend and instantly he caught my attention with a song... "My past won't stop haunting me In this prison there's a fight between Who I am and who I used to be ... You fought the fight in me You chased me down and finished the race I was blind but now I see Jesus You kept the faith in me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE5QdEgQw9Y

So many times we are in this tug a war...with our own selves. Whether it's struggling with our past that keeps haunting us, or a future ideal that we feel we are failing to achieve. As Magda from CWG quoted this weekend..."we may even feel like we are sub-par...but it is only with and through Christ that we become par"...and above par!

My dear sisters, what stones do you carry on your hearts? What ropes are you exhausted with tugging? What is keeping you from bringing them to Christ? What are you clenching in your hands?

He will fight...everyday...for your heart. He will fight the wars inside of you, He will kill those dragons that are terrorizing your heart. He is the one...who never lost faith in you and NEVER will! Let Him open your hands and take those stones, take those ropes away.

Let him free your hands!

Love and Prayers, -Sandra

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