In the busyness of the world, it's hard to find the time to just be you and God. But sometimes God allows you to be complete alone. There have been many times where I knew God has called me to just be alone with Him. To focus on our relationship and to heal the areas of my heart that continue to need healing. Loneliness and being alone are two very different things. Loneliness may cause a deep sadness in someone, that they aren't surround by friends, that they don't have someone or that they just feel separated from the world. But being alone is different, because it lets you see the world as it truly is. It's a peace and silence that allows your soul to find rest, because you know that you have God, who is always at your side. The beautiful thing about being alone, is that often times, God pulls your heart to turn to Him. He longs for those quiet moments of just you and Him. Praying for you all. In Christ, Diana

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