Living with intentionality

Intentional focus means consciously responding to life. We are making decisions all of the time, whether or not we are aware of them (i.e. who to talk to and what to share with them, what podcasts to listen to, what Instagram accounts to scroll through, what to eat…). If we're not consciously reflecting on our actions, we blow wherever the wind blows in whatever direction that happens to be.

This means that if I'm not intentional about the decisions I make I become focused on whatever is placed in front of me instead of on the things that will help me become the woman that I aspire to be. These distractions confuse me and set me back, sometimes without my awareness.

This weekend, I encourage us all to simply observe what we are dedicating our energy to, without judgment. If there are things that are not supporting the best version of you, your heart may stir. Listen to that and consider making some changes with God's guidance. Most of us don't change overnight, so in patience and honesty, learn to be mindful of what you put into your body, mind, and soul.

Walking with you,

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