Living it out

It isn't about having the right words to say... I can have a wonderfully sounding speech prepared, but if my life contradicts what I speak about, the message gets lost. Focusing too much on what to say to others leaves the focus on what they ought to do, instead of what could be changed in my own life. Rather than trying to change how others are living their lives, taking an honest look at myself will do the world much more good. When my desire for truth is lived out in my daily life, it is not only transformative for me but to those around me. So, as the twelve-step saying goes, “let it begin with me”. What is one things that you find important? Honesty? Quality time? Reading scripture? Patience? Today, focus on LIVING out that one thing without telling others about it. God doesn’t expect us to follow the narrow path on our own... He knows we can’t so He patiently waits for us to turn to Him for strength. Lord, You are the source of peace, joy and love. You are the reason for not just this season but for every season. My life really isn’t about me, but about You. Do what You want with it. Change me, mold me, chisel away at my imperfections so that others can see Your beautiful work and walk Your way.

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