Living integrated

Tending to ALL aspects of ourselves helps us more fully embrace God's Word because, we are composed of body, mind, and spirit and the state of one impacts the other! There may be things that are impacting our ability to really lean into Him, and these factors deserve being tended to! You are worth the effort!

We may benefit from the guidance of a solid therapist; a change in our eating habits; getting to sleep earlier; disconnecting from social media and connecting with others instead; developing healthy boundaries; getting engaged in hobbies, or from simply moving our bodies more (not to lose weight but to love them by treating them good)! We can also consider incorporating helpful practices (i.e. deep breathing) directly in our spiritual practices, so our options really are endless!

Live integrated! One step at a time, help yourself more fully enter into His Word through listening to what is going on inside you. Know that you are always safe in His arms. Crack open your bible and slowly digest word-by-word, helping your body, heart, and mind, ease into the peace that is for you to receive. Girl, you are so incredibly loved!

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