'Little ways' and 'little acts'

If you know me, you already know I'm a big fan of the Little Ways of St. Therese.

Going into the New Year, I decided to focus on getting closer to God in whichever way I can (which is so important now especially with the church lockdowns in our region).

To help with this, I purchased a book called "The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real" by Kiera Tierney. This book was put together as a way to give family practical ideas to celebrate the various Feast Days in the Church along with the various liturgical seasons and I cannot recommend it enough!

What I truly love about this book is that each day has a short, simple summary of what day we are celebrating in the church along with a story, recipe, or activity that we can share with our families!

For example, to kick off the year, we celebrated St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's feast day on January 4th with a New York Style pepperoni pizza (since she was from New York), while I told my family about what I had learned about her that day. My family really enjoyed this simple, practical way of learning about a saint while sharing a meal that had a holy 'backstory'. My husband even commented on how he will now forever the various details I had shared about this incredible saint!

So simple, yet powerful, really.

It made me ponder deeper on how these 'little ways' and 'little acts' that we bring to our home can have a profound impact on the spiritual lives of our families.

Sometimes, we can get so discouraged when we see people who have found grand ways to incorporate their faith at home in seemingly every aspect. For some of us, this may even discourage us to start somewhere ourselves.

I wanted to share this today, as a way to encourage you to break this way of thinking. There is so much beauty and power in simplicity, and sometimes the tiniest things can become big things.

Never underestimate the power of sharing short stories about the saints, celebrating liturgical seasons in practical and easy ways, and translating the faith in a real way.

And don't ever underestimate the power of sharing a pizza!

In joy,

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