Lifts Them Up

Here is a cool fact about otters to start your Friday! Did you know that when otters sleep, they sleep in a pack on the river on their backs with their arms linked? Aside from the fact that it is just adorable, it is actually a really important lesson for us to take from them. Why do they sleep like that? It's so that if there were to be a stronger wind or current, they won't be afraid of being detached and lost in the middle of the night. If we bring this concept into our own lives, we also are meant for those same connections. We are not meant to walk this road alone. When we do, we become lost, confused, overwhelmed and many times go completely astray. When we remain connected with those around us, it helps keep us on our path but we also can help each other out. If one of us falls, the other lifts them up. If one of us starts going down the wrong path, the other pulls us back on the right one. The connections we have in our lives are important and they serve a purpose to help us reach our ultimate goal, which is Heaven! Lean on those connections today. Strengthen them if they have become weakened or broken. The journey is a lot lighter when we walk together. Walking Together, Sandra

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