Let Him introduce you to what will last

God didn't help you heal

to go back to unhealthy behaviours

that contributed to

your broknness and heartbreak.

Don't just run back to what's familiar.

Run to God.

Let Him introduce you to what will last,

what will help you grow

and continue to embrace

the wonderful woman you

were created to be.

-Curtice L. Williams

When I read this, I felt like it touched my heart in ways that I didn't expect, because I realize that I am still healing from so many bad habits of my past. It's so easy to fall back into bad habits, like unhealthy relationships, unhealthy dependancies like with food, exercise, friendships, and even perfectionism.

It's so easy to back track for us because that is what we are use to, and what we know already. It's hard when you struggle with anxiety to face the future of unknown.

But that were the reliance on God has to take place. When we don't know the future, we have to trust that God does and He will lead us to place that we belong, to become the women that He has designed us to be.

Instead of continuously falling back into habits that are familiar, run with God towards a brighter future!

Praying for you always,

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