Let God's word sit in the driver's seat

I like this quote, and truth-bearing quotes like it, because it tones down the intensity of what are sometimes really scary internal experiences. Truth grounds us when we are in a storm. What Jason Evert essentially reminds us is that we have the capacity to hear our impulses while not allowing them to sit in the driver's seat.

We are made in such a way that we can learn to not fear our own emotions and to instead find ways to soothe ourselves in life-affirming ways. We can also learn to acknowledge our immediate desires and know that they are pointing us to something much deeper. We can experience, but not become our experience. We can feel and know our feelings don't determine who we are. How beautiful is that?

I know that this is easier said than done… that sometimes our inner worlds are so incredibly loud that we can't seem to hear anything else; that our felt loneliness in these very experiences makes the discomfort and pain worse. Girl, I know this too all too well. It takes time to be able to see that we are not so different than everyone else and that we are actually not alone. It's not overnight that we learn how to approach feelings that aren't fun, in a way that is healthy and true to how God made us and for what He made us.

If we don't take one forward though, we logically stay in the same place. That is also the key - one step at a time. Sometimes we jump back with what feels like ten steps, and that's ok - learn and keep going. Remember that volume does not equate to truth and that sometimes we need others' help - whether socially, communally, or professionally - in order to turn the volume down of the voices that are hurting us and there is absolutely no shame in that.

God's Word is where you will always find the truth, so let It always sit in the driver's seat. You got this

With God's love,

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