Lenten Season

Lent is a wonderful time of the year to really take an opportunity to reflect on your life, both your physical and spiritual. It is a time to see the areas where you are still struggling, find your weakness, and things that you keep stumbling over. For me in the past, I have used Lent (and Advent before Christmas) as almost a reset to the course of my life. I take the opportunity to reassess where my life is, what my daily struggles are, what sins that I keep falling into and where my relationship with God is. We have 40 days to really apply ourselves to work on creating a more balanced life, between our obligations, daily tasks and spending time with God. The last little while, I struggle with keeping a consistent prayer life. Everyday activities got in my way, things like social media, tv and even working out became my priority. Over these next 40 days, I have decided to set some lenten goals for myself to work on growing my spiritual life: - Start every morning with prayer - Read the Bible every night - Say a rosary - Fast on Fridays - Go to a weekday mass - When I end my day with a prayer, I won't look at my phone. These are simple steps that I know I can take to focus on my relationship with God. What are you doing during this Lenten Season? Use today as the day to set as your lenten promise/goal to grow in your relationship with God. Praying for you during these next 40 days. In Christ, Diana

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