Lenten Promise

Day one...how is it going? I'll admit, for some reason this was the first year I was actually excited for Lent. Normally I was never very enthusiastic when it came to fasting, but this year I was looking forward to this liturgical season. It was almost as if this was a chance for a reset for me. I've been in this "limbo", if you will, and feeling like I am just floating somewhere in the middle. This time gave me the opportunity to sit down and evaluate what do I want to change, what do I want to work on, what do I need to free myself from, and where do I need to grow more! I sat down with my husband yesterday and we decided to write out both of our Lenten promises and we placed it in the fridge where we both could see it and check-in on one another. Anytime I know I have someone accountable for me, and my promise is written out in plain sight, it brings me a stronger motivation to keep going. Also, being accountable for someone else stirs that sense of deeper responsibility to lift the other person up but also work on myself as well. My dear ladies, if you have done step one already and decided on your Lenten promise then I encourage you to reach out and find an accountability partner. Have both of you write down your own and each other's promises and post is somewhere where it is always visible as a reminder. Decide on a check-in date every week, and constantly pray for each other and pray together! Going through the desert is hard. Walk together this year! Walking Together, Sandra

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