Knots in our lives

I've been on this crochet theme this week so I am rolling with it!

About a month ago I decided I wanted to try and make my first blanket. It seemed fairly simple at first but about a quarter of the way in I realized that I made one side completely uneven.

Yup! You guessed it! I had to unravel almost the whole thing to go back to that section to correct it.

There were many other times where I would have to unravel whole sections to go back to make a correction. I would have to slow down and carefully pull the yarn through, count my stitches properly and then I would finally get it the way I wanted.

My husband would sometimes look at me with confusion and amazement at the same time. One time he asked me how do I have the patience to keep unraveling and doing sections all over again?

I thought about that question for a bit. When I am working through a knot I always have to slowly and gently follow the strong and pull each piece one at a time. If I start yanking at it too hard or abruptly it becomes tighter and harder to untie.

The same applies to the "knots" in our life. We need to be patient and gentle with them. I love looking at the image "Mary Undoer of Knots." If you take a look at her hands, they are so patient and gentle. Not a single ounce of frustration in them. She slowly and gracefully unravels each knots that is given to her.

Through time, patience, and gentleness we will also be able to unravel our own knots.

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