Kick back in the chair of peace

Hey you! Yea, I'm talking to you and I am doing this because I care about you, as you are my sister! In particular, I'm writing to you because I know that sometimes you feel like you don't measure up in some way, shape and get really bogged down in this. I know this because the temptation is the same for me.

NOT TODAY SATAN. (I totally understand the cringe this phrase may bring however, it is important for us to be reminded of who we are against and come with a ready, grace-dependent, hope-filled attitude)

Take off your fear, remove the expectations, untie the restless competition, and kick back in the chair of peace. Feel yourself be able to just breathe... Today we walk as free women united in our identity as God's wonderfully made creation.

We acknowledge our imperfections and the imperfections of others, as simply part of our human nature. We continue to strive for holy nevertheless and empower others to do the same. When we notice sin and are tempted to label ourselves or others as evil, we remind ourselves the one that wants to see us fall is the enemy, not other humans.

We lovingly keep others accountable, encourage, lift, give hope and allow ourselves to receive the same from others. This helps us unite with our fellow brothers and sisters, rather than separate ourselves from them, and through this, we become much stronger in who we are, against a common enemy and, more importantly, focused on a shared goal - Christ.

Girl, you are precious. You are wonderful. You are enough. So, leave the pressure at the door, and show up exactly as you are - as an incredibly loved creation of God.

You go, girl! Let me see you rock it!

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