Judgmental Thoughts?

My dearest girls,

I don’t know about ya’ll but I know a thing or two or three about being judgemental. What has really hit me this week is that even if someone’s sin looks different than mine, it doesn’t make my sins any less of a sin nor does it make me any less of a sinner.

In short, what is the point on focusing on the sins of others? Perhaps I am trying to avoid looking at my own sinfulness or I have yet to discover my true worth.

In reading through Psalm 139 today, the ending of the verse (Psalm 139: 23 – 24) really spoke to me. It sounds like a prayer, one that is so fitting when it comes to judging others. It tells us to focus on recognizing our own flaws and allowing God’s hand to guide us in this process:

“Examine me, O God, and know my mind; test me, and discover my thoughts. Find out if there is any evil in me and guide me in the everlasting way”

How fitting for all of the times that I judged someone else as more of a sinner than I. I interpret the psalm verse as such: God, show me all of the ways that I fall short of Your Glory and help me do better. Help me focus on what I need to do and not on what others need to do.

Whenever we are tempted with judgemental thoughts, let’s go deeper. Why do I have these thoughts? What are they showing me about me?

Lord, I pray for the person who’s sin I noticed and I pray that you renew both of our hearts so that we can prepare our inner sanctuary for You.


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