Joy of the Easter Season

Our celebration does not stop here! This week we enter into the Easter Octave. But even after that, the celebration doesn't end! We have 50 days of celebrating the Easter Season.

Yet...even after those 50 days, our celebration STILL does not end!

My dear sisters, everyday is an opportunity to share with the world the joy that Christ has Risen from the dead!

Do you truly believe that? SHARE IT! Show it with your life and in everything you do.

Remember that no one can argue with your joy. That is something that cannot be taken away from you. There is no power in this world strong enough to take your joy away. We lost it when we give it away and give the world permission to shut it down.

Let us fill our homes with this joy today! Let it spread into the heart of every person we encounter today. Let them know that Christ is truly risen!


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