Journaling to help you communicate

I'm sure many of you have played broken telephone at some point in your life. It was always a funny game to see if we could get a message from one person to another and still keep it unchanged. More often then not we would end up with some funny variation of the original message.

When I would do this as an activity with my students I love observing what causes the message to change. Sometimes it's someone who purposely changes it, sometimes it is because of the roar of chatter in the room that makes it hard to hear, sometimes it's how quickly a person said it, and sometimes it was because they were completely zoned out when they heard the message and only made out maybe one or two words.

It all feels like a game that we joke about later on, but I feel this game is more reflective of our lives today more than ever.

I always found it so ironic how I love to talk, but struggle so much to communicate. Kinda makes me wonder how that even makes sense. It's because of the broken telephone. I can talk all I want, but if my connection is broken then my message is not being sent across properly, or it is being skewed and twisted around.

This broken connection can manifest itself is many different ways. It could be a lack of understanding, it could be pride, it could be unhealed past wounds, it could be fear. Many things can create this static in our connection with others.

I remember when I was engaged the most common advice I would get was to communicate. Seems simple enough right? Oh how I learned very quickly that this is not something simple that just happens. I thought I was great at communicating...until struggles hit. Whether it was in my marriage, friendships, or family my broken connections would come out one way or another.

One thing that I have found to help me fix those connections is journaling. When my emotions run wild, it tends to be a hotspot where there is too much heat going on at once. It's hard to establish any kind of connection when you are stuck in a fireball. Repressing these emotions is never the answer, so I found a way that I am able to get them out and process them is on paper.

Sometimes it's a letter to God, sometimes it's a letter to my husband or a friend. I don't always share this letter with the other person, but sometimes I do. It allows me to show the other person what is going on inside and what I feel, without the overwhelming burst of fire.

What has been something that has helped you re-establish your connections to communicate better with others? Please feel free to comment below and share different ways that have helped you!

Walking with you, sister


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