It doesn’t matter who or what is against us, because with God…you have already won!

From the Vault! - June 18, 2016

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you” –Luke 12:31

Dear Sisters,

How many of you struggle with letting go of control? How many of you get caught up in anxious thoughts or fears of being in situations where you don’t have that control of the outcome or what will play out? I have struggled with these questions all my life, to this very day I still find myself falling into that struggle. I struggle to trust, to fully let go and place everything in God’s hands. I try many different ways to overcome these struggles: I’ll pray more, reflect more, go more often to mass. But I still find myself in these same struggles, or even harder ones. I felt discouraged, it made no sense to me at first.

I brought this up to a priest one time during a talk. I wanted to share a few of his words with you: “There is no magic wand that makes life painless. Sometimes we tend to apply the same human logic to God like we do with studying for a test, for example. If we study harder we’ll get better grades. Our life doesn’t always work that way, and sometimes we need to let go of our own ego and let God be in control.

We need to be ready that things may not always go our way, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong. We also need to remember that the closer we get to God, the more we will be tempted by the devil. The higher the climb, the greater and more terrifying the precipice seems below you, but the more beautiful the view. Don’t overthink things, serve the Lord in humility, one day at a time. Never give up, never surrender”

Never surrender ladies. Focus on the small and simple things, and start by giving those to God. If you’re like me, the minute you go too over the top and you get overwhelmed, you find yourself backing down and full of doubt. Take on the childlike view of St.Therese of Lisieux and focus on the simple things first. Wake up every morning and say “God, I offer this day to you. Help me do everything today with you and for you.”

Seek God in everything you do that day, and give it all to Him. There will be easier and harder moments, and that’s ok. The closer you get to God, the more he will equip you to handle those harder moments, because he knows you will be tempted more. The devil will not stop, and he will come after you even more because he doesn’t want you closer to God.

Each time you get pulled by fears or stresses or anxieties, don’t tell God how big they are. Instead, tell your fears how BIG your GOD is! You have a whole army of angels and saints just waiting on your call to back you up. If God is for us, it doesn’t matter who or what is against us, because with God…you have already won!

Keep fighting ladies, and know that I am fighting these battles with you! Never surrender!

Walking Together,

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