Instead of focusing on what the world might say about you...

Why does it matter to us so much how others perceive us? Why do we care about the opinions of others? Why do we allow it to affect our own self reflection?

These are some questions that I have been pondering over for a few days now. I had a situation arise last week, were someone commented on a personal photo of mine and I misinterpreted what they had been trying to say to me. But I took it to heart, and felt like I had to defend myself completely and explain my feelings to them.

On some level, I think we all allow what other people think of us affect us. I have struggled with this for many years. I let a look someone gave me ruin my day, or a mean comment to break my spirit. But within this last year, I have worked hard on blocking out what others say, and focusing on what God says to me.

There are people who won't see your struggles and the heavy burdens that you carry. They won't understand what cross you are facing. But the beautiful thing is that Christ sees you completely. He sees every facet of your suffering, struggle and cross, and He knows how amazing you truly are. Your worth is never going to be defined by what someone else is going to say about you. Your worth was already claimed 2000 years ago on the cross. When He paid such a heavy debt for your worth.

Instead of focusing on what the world might say about you, ask the Lord to reveal to you today, what it is He thinks of you. You might be surprised with what He says to you.

Praying for you.

In Christ,

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