Incredible Masterpiece

Do you ever have moments when you just feel like you are falling apart? Moments where no matter what you do or touch something always goes wrong? Moments when you feel like you have no strength to go on? Moments when you quite literally feel like you are losing your marbles? My dearest ladies, if I can offer one thing in those moments it is this... When you feel like you are falling apart, don't worry, God simply has you under construction. Think of a house renovation. When you are renovating a room, or even renovating a whole house usually the first step is you have to do the demolition. Rip out any broken or old foundation pieces. It is a MESS! Only after than can you clean everything up and you have a blank slate to work with, and you can see clearly what needs extra strengthening, what needs touch-ups or even re-painting. The same is with us. First comes the demolition. Let me tell you...at times it feels like everything is just falling apart and crumbling. But God has to demolish all that is old and broken in us first, in order to clean it up and then work with a blank slate. It's hard to see areas we need to fix when they are covered by so many things. Doesn't matter how pretty we try to cover those issues up, eventually they will crumble and the only answer is to allow God to take us through that process. First we demolish, then we clean up the mess, then we can start fixing and before you know it...you will be looking at a whole new person. You my dear ladies, are a masterpiece in the making, and like any masterpiece it takes time to chisel out all the rough edges. If you get caught up in that moment of total demolition and you are lost and confused, simply remind yourself that God just has you under construction and allow Him to turn you into that incredible masterpiece! It can take time, it will have moments of hurt, it will have growing pains, but the result if we allow Our Father to completely transform us...will be BEYOND ANYTHING WE COULD EVER IMAGINE! And if you feel like you are struggling to take on this approach...don't be afraid. I am there with you, in this same struggle, and I am walking this journey with you. You are not alone. Walking Together, Sandra

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