Incredible Joy

We all know the reality of people coming into our lives and leaving our lives, in some way shape or form. I was recently reminded of how God knows exactly who we need and when, and sometimes it's the last person we would think of. Before I met my husband, God decided to place a really great and "ON FIRE" man of God in my life. After deciding to part ways, for some reason this became one of the hardest break-ups for me to get over. It really pushed me to step into a deeper healing and I feel like I went into full on transformation mode. Those two years that I was single before finally meeting my husband brought me more healing and insight than I could have ever imagined. Now let me tell you, God has this incredible way of opening your eyes to the truth of a past reality. One day I was cleaning out my room and I found an old key-chain that I had from that past relationship. Tears instantly came to my eyes, but ironically they were not tears of sadness but rather tears of such deep and incredible joy. I could not even put into words how thankful I was for that man. Before any of this, I was completely broken and hopeless when it came to believing that someone on fire for God truly existed for me. God placed this man in my life as the answer to my struggle. He showed me that there are men who are truly passionate about living out their faith and want to be completely on fire for God. He helped bring that fire back in me that was dimmed out. It was through this man and that short time that he was in my life, that God brought me hope again! To this day, I am still so thankful for him and how he changed my life. It was after all of that, that I not only found my husband, but I also was able to find myself. My dear sisters, God never places people in our lives just cause. He always has a deeper plan and purpose for the role they are to play in our lives in that particular moment. When you allow God to open your eyes to that, you will see your life in a way that not even words can describe. Walking Together, Sandra

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