In this time of separation...

Last weekend was probably quite the shock for many when we got the news that Sunday Masses were cancelled. I remember my initial feeling when I read that was grief. It was the same kind of feeling as if I wasn't able to visit someone I loved.

I thought about the time when I was dating my husband and I remember there were times when we had to go weeks without seeing each other. Sometimes it was because of my exams, or work, or weather. But I remember that feeling of dearly missing him in that time.

Then when that day finally came when I got to see him, there was so much joy and appreciation in our hearts and we completely embraced that day to the fullest. Even if we only had a few hours, we would spend those few hours being fully present and enjoying every minute.

A similar feeling of sadness, of missing someone, entered into my heart when I read that update from the Archdiocese. We were able to drive down to Ancaster that weekend to attend mass in the Diocese of Hamilton, and I remember feeling so excited to be at mass to receive Christ in the Eucharist. I feel embarrassed to admit this, but I struggled to remember when was the last time I felt that much excitement during mass.

It's funny how sometimes we get so comfortable that we become less and less present in those moments...until one day we wake up and all of a sudden our reality has changed and it is gone. Even this temporary time of separation, the feeling emptiness, of something missing is still there.

My dear sisters, I want to encourage all of us to take this time to reflect on our faith journey. How are we doing? Have we hit a comfort zone or a plateau? Have we lost that fire and excitement to go and receive Christ at Mass? Have we lost sight of what happens every Sunday at Church?

In this time of separation may these feelings of missing Christ at mass, of missing receiving him physically in the Holy Eucharist strengthen our desire and love for Him. So that when that moment comes that we will be able to come to Him at mass...we will be fully present, excited, and embrace EVERY minute of it!

Walking together,


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