If You are Struggling

“If you are struggling with a health problem it might feel burdensome, that’s when you really should take your faith seriously. When you have faith, it is so liberating. The Lord has already taken on this struggle upon himself on the Cross. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, depression, cancer, immune diseases, or whatever else it may be, Christ has taken that and by His wounds we are healed. He heals us, body, mind and spirit.

God at times, may not take away our physical ailments. Why? Because there is a pruning process in that situation. If I had never gone through my cancer, I would have never gone deeper into my faith. Only in the midst of the trial, can we see how much God loves us and that He wants intimacy with us.

If we don’t go to Jesus, we do not have hope.I have never understood how someone can go through suffering without God. Our Lord is our only hope in the good and bad times of our lives.

Our Catholic faith is rich in sacraments. The anointing of the sick, a grace, that gives one courage and there have been miracles through this sacrament. In confession we are set free, it is healing in itself. The blood of Jesus comes, and it is outpoured onto us restoring our relationship with God. The Eucharist, which is Christ’s body and blood strengthens and sustains us. Many graces are poured out upon us when we receive the Eucharist in a state of grace.

When you are going through all these obstacles, you need sacramental graces in your life that give you courage and strength to be able to walk through the trying times, being one with the Lord.

You can say to God, “I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to suffer.” But sometimes we just don’t have a choice and have to surrender and walk with God. We may not understand His plan fully but we know that God is the author of life and has great plans for us.

When we surrender all to Him, then we can see the glory of God manifest in our lives, and we can overcome it all.”

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