If The Whole World Hates You...

In a world that is so divided, it's easy to 'try to keep the peace' and suppress our thoughts and beliefs in the face of wrong. It seems that our society and the whole world all around us has fully submerged itself in this 'wrong' which is often masked as 'good'. It's harder and harder to stand up for the truth.

A good example would be laws that allow the murder of the unborn under the pretext of 'women's rights.' In Canada, there are no abortion laws. A baby can be killed up to the day that he/she is due. Even if so much as a foot is still inside of the mother's womb, the child is not recognized as a human until it is fully out of the womb. If the child was killed then, it would be considered infanticide, yet the government sees no problem with the law allowing the murder to occur seconds before.

On that same note, this week, the movie "Unplanned" is finally screening in Canada. Finally, because it took months for the movie to be welcomed into our country.

Unsurprisingly, it was a movie that was welcomed very poorly: in limited theatres for one week only. In downtown Toronto, on opening night, protestors stood outside the Cineplex movie theatre with signs saying things like 'Cineplex has chosen the side of the oppressors', and 'stop allowing for propaganda movies', etc. This made me reflect on a deeper level what 'freedom of speech' really meant in our country. It means: you're free to express your beliefs and believe what you want without fear, but ONLY if you agree with the majority.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen put it well when he said that, "Moral principles do not depend on a majority vote. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong. Right is right, even if nobody is right."

Even if the WHOLE WORLD believes that a wrong is right, it does not change the fact that it is still wrong. Unfortunately, though, the devil has twisted the truth and made his lies incredibly appealing. I mean, how could we not stand for equal rights, for women's rights, etc.? He has made it all sound so RIGHT. And the world has been fed this lie over and over until it finally accepted it as truth while denouncing God's truth and existence all at once.

Sisters, I don't anticipate the world to change overnight and come back to God. We, unfortunately, live in a world that has chosen Godlessness and has instead made humans gods. We have strayed so far from truth and living out the truth of our faith will only get harder.

But with that being said, one must know that each individual witness makes an impact. When we look at Christ's ministry, He came as a sign of contradiction. He taught the opposite of what the laws taught and became a breathe of fresh air as He spoke truth. It captivated everyone who heard Him speak. Eventually, though, the world began to hate Him leading Him to His Passion. And we live in a world where this Passion continues, only this time we get to walk with Him.

We must not fear. John 15:18, "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first." We are not alone in this battle. Not only do we have others in this world who want to live out the authentic truth of Christ, but we have Christ Himself by our sides.

No matter how much the world will try to persecute us for this truth, (and they will), we must continue fighting for it so that we never live in a world where the truth ceases to exist all together.

It is better to stand for something, especially when that 'something' is the fullness of God's truth. And if 'getting along' means this truth is to be compromised, then we must never simply 'get along'.

I leave you with words from Pope St. John Paul II...

"Do not be afraid."

In Christ, Kasia

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