I Shall Not Want

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

A new month, a new school year...means a NEW SERIES!!! Tune in every first Monday of the month for #musicmondays. God has very powerful and unique ways of speaking to us. For some of us it’s through the beauty of nature, for others it can be through other people, and for others it can also be through music.

This September brings a lot of new starts for me, and as I thought about it all one question came to mind: what do I truly want? Many of us may answer that with a particular career, with finding our vocation, or maybe a particular accomplishment. All of that means nothing...without God. If we don’t seek Him first and want Him above all, everything else fades away. And the minute we truly “taste [His] goodness, [we] shall not want.”

Today’s song is “I shall not want” by Audrey Assad.

As you listen, try to see if you can picture any of the situations she lists as your own. What do you need God to deliver you from and what do you truly want?


Love and prayers, -Sandra

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