I need Your help Lord

The other weekend, I went for a walk at a gorge. And it amazed me to see how the water had eroded these massive rock walls. It was because of a constant pressure over time that they gave way to the water.

The enemy works in a similar way. He works through our weakness, and knows our pressure point that will allow for us to crack. He will keep working at those points in our lives in which we are tempted to fall down and break way to him.

But it is our responsibility to know our weakness, and this requires a humble heart. It is never easy to admit where we are weak, where we are flawed and we fall down because of our brokenness. It takes humility to see that we need help to get back up. It takes graces to say, "I am not strong enough, I need Your help Lord."

Humility comes with realizing where we are broken, and to ask for help to be able to fix it the problem. With a humble heart, we can ask for the sanctifying grace to keep going.

Today, I want to ask you to say a simple prayer throughout the day:

"Lord, show me what it is that I need to work on to strive for holiness."

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