I'm a Child of God

I'm a child of God.

Have you ever actually taken the time to sit and really think about what that means? Many times we brush it off, think it's just a cute cliche term, or use it only when we are talking with kids.

I want to challenge the cheese in this!

What does it mean that I am a Child of God? Honestly...

I knew this in theory very well, and would talk to my high school kids about it during retreats. But after taking some time to reflect I realized that I didn't even fully understand what that meant.

A few weekends ago I was attending the annual Steubenville Toronto conference and during the big Saturday adoration the praise and worship band started to sing these words..."In my Father's house, there's a place for me. I'm a child of God, yes I am!"

This song is what I wanted to reflect on for our #musicmonday! It's called "Who you say I am" by Hillsong Worship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKw6uqtGFfo

As these words sang in my heart I remember sitting curled up on the floor and rocking back and forth. From a distance it might seem like I was just having a full on breakdown...but actually I was in the warmest and biggest bear hug I ever felt.

My prayer in that moment was "God I really want to feel what it means to be your child. Please reveal that to me and give me the grace to encounter you as your child."

My goodness gracious did he ever answer that prayer quick! Within second I became overwhelmed with this warm feeling and I was show a picture in my mind of this little girl with brown hair, standing and singing on a picnic table (funny fact this is something I would do when I was camping as a child) and then I see her running into her father's arms and I could feel God's arms around me giving me the biggest bear hug!

In that moment I didn't call God father...I called him daddy, Abba. And I let myself, that little girl inside, be held by my daddy's arms as he rocked me back and forth.

My dear ladies, may this be your prayer today. God, please give me the grace to understand and to see what it means to be your child.

And wait in that silence with him.

God will always answer your prayer in the way he knows will speak the strongest to your heart.

Walking Together, Sandra

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