I invite you to go a little deeper

Unless we decide not to be, we are constantly connected with everything that is going on everywhere, at all times. Besides the fact that this is likely not conducive to a peaceful state of mind, I have also found that this leaves room for a lot of confusion. For instance, people's opinions may sound official just because they are virtually posted on an appealing background, with matching fonts, for a cause that seems legitimate at the surface.

(It may sound ironic to have that coming from a platform where you will find aesthetically pleasing photos with quotes written on them, but I do hope that the focus of this group makes the difference here, clear)

We are all equally susceptible to go for things that look good, feel good, taste good, are easy and accessible, and so on and so forth, and yet, on a deeper level, we all want things that bring us a depth of goodness, not just fleeting experiences of it. For this, we need more than just "sounds good"... we need Truth. And so, I invite all of us to explore what we know in greater depth through podcasts, scripture, relevant literature, and other forms. We need to be fully engaged in and aware of what we choose to believe and not believe, and why.

Remember, lies don't hold up when you question them further no matter how pretty they look on the surface; they constantly contradict themselves, changing from one situation to the next; while truth remains constant. Lies don't add up, truth always does, and this is what our hearts are in desperate need of.

I invite you to go a little deeper.

With God's love,

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