"I have never left you and I won't leave you"

I have been reflecting on what will become of the Church when all of this is over? Will we flood our Churches because we finally get go to the Lord's house and are able to receive the Sacraments? Or will it be something that many of us will stop doing because we haven't gone for months, and we no longer feel held onto because of tradition.

My hope is that this whole pandemic is going to bring about a strong faithful culture dependent on God. I pray, that we as a world, come to realize that we need God every moment of every day. I pray that this whole pandemic draws people back to God because we realize how small we truly are!

When I drove by a parish near my home, a couple of days ago, and I decided to pull in. I sat in front of the doors to the Church and just prayed. My heart was so heavy with sadness, because all I wanted to do was go in and sit in front of Jesus in adoration. To me, it felt like they locked Him in the Church, and locked us out. But this peace came over me, and inside I felt like someone say, "I have never left you and I won't leave you. Keep coming back to me."

My dearest sisters, I share this with you, because I know that this is a call to each and every single one of us. Christ has not left us, and He wants us to continue coming back to Him. This time is the perfect time to believe fully that Christ is ever present, within our Churches, our homes and within us. He won't leave us.

Let us use this time to truly grow in our relationship with our Lord. Let us not fall away just because in the past we held onto tradition. Instead, let's strive to get to know our living God, who is in our midst. Let us not forget what Christ says to us, "I have never left you and I won't leave you. Keep coming back to me."

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