I Forgive You

Forgiving someone who has hurt us can be one of the hardest things that we will ever do.

When some wounds cut so deep, it can be hard to say the words, "I forgive them", but those words can be some of the most freeing words that you will ever say.

It took me a long time to be able to say, I forgive the boy who abused me, but when I did, I was freed.

Sometimes we are the ones who imprison ourselves in unforgivenness. We are the ones who don't allow the healing graces that God desires to pour out into all areas of our lives.

He never heard those words, "I forgive you", but I know in my heart that I had the strength to let go of the past because of God. It's through God's grace, I am able to forgive him.

Remember my dearest sisters, if we expect God to forgive our own wrong doings on this earth, then we to must forgive those around us who have hurt us.

What unforgiveness are you holding onto? What prison have you locked yourself in? You are the one who has the power to set yourself free through the grace of God.

Today say, "I forgive you."

If you can't say those words yet, pray for the strength to be able to do so.

Praying for you.

In Christ, Diana

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