I Forgive because of Him

My dearest sisters,

How often do we struggle to forgive those who have hurt us? How often do we wait for the other person to come to ask for forgiveness? Do we harden our hearts to others?

I was sitting in adoration on Good Friday, and I thought to myself how freely the Lord forgives my sins. I come before Him, and He already knows my struggles and failings, and He receives me with open arms.

Do we do this for others? Do we forgive them, even with all their struggles and flaws? Do we still love them, even though we know there is a chance that they will hurt us?

When we look at the Cross, it is the greatest source of Love! Let us be inspired to live out the life of the Cross. To be willing to accept pain and suffering for another. To be willing to accept the flaws of those around us. To be willing to forgive, even when it is difficult.

Today we celebrate the Resurrection. Let it be a reminder to us, that Love will always triumph. We have been set free. We have been forgiven. What a great blessing that is for us! How amazing is it, that we are so loved that the Lord took death upon Himself for our freedom.

My sisters, praise God for the Death and Resurrection of our Lord!

In Christ, Diana

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