I am Enough

With Valentine’s Day having just come and gone, I was reflecting on my feelings as a single woman. It can be really difficult sometimes to see everyone posting on social media their Valentine’s Day dates, or their special someones. And it’s hard not to let that jealously creep in. But on the other hand, we also have to realize that just because we are in the stage of singlehood, doesn’t mean that our value and worth is less than that of those around us. It can be hard though because those negative thoughts creep into our heads. Maybe I’m not pretty enough, maybe I’m not smart enough, maybe I talk to much or laugh too loud. Maybe I’m just not enough. But we have to break this cycle of self abuse. We have to believe that we are enough! And the stage that you are currently in, single, dating or married, has nothing to do with your worth. It doesn’t define you and how loved you are. Singlehood can feel lonely. But that’s when we have to remember that we are not alone. You are never walking through this journey alone. Surround yourself with good friends who will encourage and inspire you. Be involved in the church community. And most of all, work on your relationship with God. That’s one relationship that will never fail you. He has always thought that you were worthy of love. Which is why He chose to die for you. So if you also experienced that feeling of loneliness and sadness, it’s okay! But it’s time to get back up and keep going! Shake off those negative thoughts, hold your head up and believe that you are loved. Praying for you. In Christ, Diana

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