I allow my body to do my best and enjoy the rest

In my very limited experience of taking salsa classes, I was told countless times to not look at my feet. I didn't understand how such a thing was expected of me, especially since it takes eons for me to grasp any sort of dance routine. I've always wished that God paired my love for dance with natural talent mainly because natural talent seems easier than putting in additional effort to compensate for its lack (yes, I also fall for the fantasy of what is easier).

Anyway, I have been able to see a lot of parallels between learning to life and learning to dance. For instance, thinking too much while dancing has prevented me from fully enjoying it, and the same can be said for my life. The balance of intentional decisions and remaining in the moment is both delicate and essential. When I am stiff and out of touch with the melody of my environment, I reject the invitation to let go, be present, and enjoy the moment. When I allow my body to do my best and enjoy the rest, I dance until the music stops.

It is true that there are some legitimate factors when it comes to being too rigid in dancing such as a lack of confidence which is likely due to undeveloped skill, insufficient practice, and a misplaced sense of identity. I would argue that much of this is time, effort, persistence, and many other admirable qualities.

One of the hurdles to joy that stands out for me, in particular, is fear - fear of making a mistake, fear of being judged as inadequate. In recognizing where I am, I can learn to accept both the fact that I will make mistakes and the fact that my current lack of skill doesn't change my value as a human because my identity is Elsewhere. When I connect with the desire to do better, I remind myself that it takes time and continuous effort to grow and that perfection is only available in heaven. I also remind myself that when I am unable to accept anything less than perfect, I can't enjoy the now.

I invite myself, and you, to find the middle ground where we recognize both our mistakes and our accomplishments, continue to strive for more, and constantly seek a reason to be grateful for it all!

Keep on keeping on, girl!

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