Humilty allows us to grow

Happy Thursday Ladies!

As we have been unpacking the vice of pride and how it can manifest in our lives, let us take a turn in the other direction and bring our focus to its combating virtue: Humility.

The word itself comes from the Latin word “humus” which means “earth.” We can understand this as being from the earth, or being grounded. I also understand it as the phrase “coming back down to earth.” Pride wants to lift us up to an irrational and unrealistic height, while humility brings us back down to earth, back to the truth of the reality of what and who we are.

St. Thomas Aquinas describes humility as a virtue in two ways:

1. Through retraining and moderating the mind so as not to tend towards higher things immoderately.

2. Through strengthening the mind against despair and urging it to pursue forward towards great things according to right reason (ST II.II. q161. a1).

Humility keeps us in check, in the sense that it does not let us fall into creating this overly high image of ourselves that is above all else. But it also gives us strength and drives us towards that true greatness that we are called to as Daughters of God. It helps us grow in the truth of our identity and dignity!

St. Thomas warns us, once again, about misinterpreting the true virtue of humility as false humility. “Sometimes, however, this may be ill-done, for instance when man, "not understanding his honor, compares himself to senseless beasts, and becomes like to them" (Psalm 48:13)” (ST II.II.q161.a1).

When we lower ourselves to less than that of what we are, we not only fall into pride again, but we disrespect our identity as daughters of God. It is something we need to be constantly aware of and always bring it to prayer.

Today, I want us to take what we started on Monday and now expand it! Walk through this day and bring your awareness to catching yourself in moments of pride. When you do, pray for the light of the Holy Spirit to help you see those moments, and pray for an increase in the virtue of humility. This can be a very powerful prayer and if we are open to those opportunities God can really help us grow in that virtue!

Come Holy Spirit and teach us how to be humble!

Walking together, Sandra

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