How I spend my time

I remember growing up my parents were very strict when it came to table manners. One thing that they always stressed to me and my sister was that we had to wait until everyone was finished before we could even ask to leave the table. Even then, it wasn't always guaranteed that we were able to go and do our own thing. If we had family over, for example, sometimes we would be asked to still remain at the table for a bit longer.

As a kid, it always bugged me. I wanted to get away from the boring table and go watch TV or do something else. I remember I would complain so much if my dad asked me to stay at the table for a bit longer. He would say things like, "Grandma is flying back soon, she just wants to see you for a bit longer." I never understood the point of it because I was just sitting there and listening. It's not like my presence there really changed anything.

Many years later, I finally realized why sometime as simple as remaining at the table for a little longer meant so much. I didn't have to say much or join into the conversation, but the simple act of me being there and giving someone my time was the biggest gift to my family.

One time my Grandma brought it up and how much she loved just looking over at me and just would embrace the fact that I was just there with her. Me choosing to stay instead of running off to watch a show meant something to her.

Since that time I have become more aware with how I spend my time. Sure there are occasions where I would rather not be somewhere or I'd rather be doing something else, but knowing that my time and presence with them is the greatest gift I can give that person makes it worth it.

We tend to take advantage of time, and then we have moments when we wish we had more. Your time is precious, your time means something. It is a priceless gift, but it is also a limited gift. Time is something that we are not always guaranteed, or at least not in the amounts we may want. Don't let that gift be wasted.

When you look back one day you may not always remember the fancy gifts, but you will always remember the time spent and memories that were made.

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