How can I find myself in the Bible?

This week the Church encourages to bring a stronger focus to reading Scripture. As I was listening to the homily yesterday the priest was talking about the incredible depth that Scripture has. Throughout my studies I have always been amazed by this. I could read a passage over and over again and each time God would reveal something new to me.

It is fascinating! To this day it never ceases to amaze me how God works through His Word.

One thing that I notice, especially when I read the Bible, is that I tend to read it from a third person perspective. We read stories about different people throughout the Old and New Testament but they remain in that same distant view. I want to challenge you ladies to approach the Bible from a first person perspective this week.

Now you might me thinking...ok Sandra but my name isn't there? I'm not Esther, or Ruth, or Mary Magdalene, how can I find myself in the Bible?

This is where God's amazing depth comes in. The Bible is not just a collection of stories about different people, it is OUR story. It is the story of our salvation, of God continuously showing His immense love for us in order to bring us back to Him. The Bible is a love story written by God to us.

Yes it is true that you are not Esther, or Ruth, or Mary Magdalene...but your story can also be found within theirs.

Maybe you have felt lost and distant from God, and someone showed you Christ's mercy and love in a way that made you want to turn around and change your life, like the adulteress woman. Maybe you are a leader and someone always bring this light of joy and hope to those around you in this difficult time, like Miriam in the Book of Exodus. Maybe you have felt overwhelmed but having everyone in the house and cannot seem to catch a break with the household duties and chores, like Martha.

You story is there dear sister, you just have to allow God to show it to you.

Take some time this week to discover your story in Scripture. Maybe look for which woman, both in Old and New Testament, you feel resembles you most right now. And as I always like to say...go into discovery mode!

You will be amazed where God will show you your story, and how this may change everyday!

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