Hope is not a feeling

We all know what it feels like to feel hopeless...to feel overwhelmed by the chaos and difficulty. It is probably safe to say that all of these recent events with the pandemic have been creating a lot of those moments throughout our day. It feels as if hope is gone at times.

Here is where I want to bring your attention too. Hope is not a feeling. Kimberly Hahn gave such a beautiful definition of hope in her talk last weekend. She said, "Hope is choosing to trust God in the midst of difficulty."

Hope is a CHOICE.

She also gave a great way of understanding Hope through an acronym:

H - Holy Spirit

O - Obedience

P - Prayer

E - Eternal Perspective

Holy Spirit: Hope is one of the three theological virtues, alongside faith and love. These virtues are only given to us through God's grace, they are gifts and through that grace we are able to cultivate them into our own lives. The Holy Spirit is the giver of gifts! He is the one who sends down those gifts like roaring fire in our hearts!

Obedience: Anytime we are given a gift, it comes with a task or mission. We don't take these graces for ourselves. We are to use them to serve others and become the saints we have been created and called to be. This requires our obedience to God's will. At the end of the day Lord...Thy will be done.

Prayer: PRAY FOR THIS VIRTUE! This is a gift we need to constantly pray and ask for because it only comes through God's grace. If we ask and seek it out, God will provide! But we need to pray.

Eternal Perspective: If this world was all that there was, our lives would be very different and our way of living would also be very different. Ladies, always remember that bigger picture. This world is not it...it is not the be all and end all. It is merely the beginning because what we are living for is eternity in Heaven. That is what we are striving for. When we have that perspective that is beyond this world, it changes how we view all of these difficulties we face in our daily lives.

Remember, hope is not a feeling, it is a choice to trust God. It is a gift we need to pray for and ask the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with it. It comes with a mission and obedience to God's will. And when seen through the lens of eternity, it opens our eyes to the full picture!

Choose HOPE!

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