Hope in His plan

My beloved sister,

For the first time since my rose colored glasses came off, since the painful effects of reality pierced my heart, I have found a sliver of hope and it feels amazing. I am writing this because I want the same thing for you, dear sister, and we can only imagine how much more Your father in heaven wants this for you. He waits patiently for your ‘yes’.

Sometimes we find ourselves sailing through heavy storms without an instruction manual and without the slightest clue how to work a boat. Either way, no boating license could have prepared us for what we are facing now.

In these very moments, God’s strength can be made especially visible (2 Corinthians 12: 9)... if we let Him. Letting Him means that we let go of needing to have all of the questions answered and everything feeling under our control. We trade our questions in for hope. Hope that His plans are better than ours.

And in this way Lysa Terkeurst, who guides proverbs31 ministries, says that God does give us more than we can handle. If we could do everything on our own, why would we need God anyways?

He doesn’t do this because He’s mean but because He KNOWS what is best for us and perhaps His plans are in no way, shape, or form, similar with what we THINK would be best for us. He sees the bigger picture and we often don’t, at least not right now.

Lysa Terkeurst has been through incredible heartache having “licked the floor of hell”. She knows all too well that life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, and she knows that God sometimes allows things to happen that we would have never allowed.

Despite the pain she has endured, she has turned to God time and time again. She has allowed God to transform her and through this transformation she continues to inspire countless women through talks, books, podcasts, blog posts, bible studies, and through being such an incredible witness to the power of redemptive suffering (1).

Through heartfelt conversations, through prayer, through books, through the witness of other followers of Christ, through His word, God has worked past my tears and left me feeling that maybe, just maybe things can be different. Maybe they can even be amazing.

But maybe, what He KNOWS will be “amazing” is different than what I THINK would be “amazing”. Maybe I can trust that His plan will be better than mine. Maybe I can trust that He alone will fulfill the desires of my heart. I know that this would allow my heart to rest.

My dear sister, God can make beautiful things happen from the most ugly of situations. Allow yourself to hope in Him. Hope that His plan is better that yours.

Keep praying, keep visiting Him in quiet hour at the chapel, during mass and at confession. Whenever you have a dire need to know the answers, surrender it to Him so that your heart can feel at peace again. He has a wonderful story written just for You, allow it to unfold. Allow yourself to hope. Yesterday we chose to be joyful, and in addition to this, today we chose to be hopeful. He’s waiting for your ‘yes’. <3

(1) https://www.proverbs31.org/

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