His Way

I remember when I was younger and had a goal I wanted to reach, or something I wanted to accomplish in life, I would come up with this whole plan of how I thought everything should go and I would bring it to God thinking that He just needs to press play and all will be good. Needless to say God has a very loving sense of humour and He would show me very quickly that His plan is much better. I'll be honest, I probably still catch myself doing that sometimes. I was texting my dad one day while I was at work and talking about how I was dealing with a difficult group of students and I just want God to do His work through me today. He responds to me saying, "Just get out of His way first." It struck me not because it was blunt, but because I knew it was true. I want God to do His work through me, but I want to still control how He does it. If we really think about it, that doesn't give God a lot of room to actually work! How can He work through us when we have everything figured out and want Him to work according to our plan? It was in those moments when I gave God full surrender by letting go of my plan and allowing Him to work His in me that I was able to witness His incredible work! Things would come together in ways that I never would have imagined! Sometimes all it takes is giving God the wheel and taking that step to the side to let Him drive. It can be a difficult step because none of us like letting go of that control. God will only work with what we give Him. He will never take more or force more on us. The more control we give Him...the more He is able to WOW us! Take a chance on God today, and let Him into the driver's seat. Watch what happens as He does His work through you today! Walking Together, Sandra

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