His Strength

Happy #MusicMonday!

"...that God blessed the broken road, that lead me straight to you..."

This song has been one of my favourites for many years. I recently watched a movie titled "God bless the broken road" about a young wife and mom who loses her husband while he is on deployment in Afghanistan. It would seem that her life is completely falling apart, but in that brokenness she is pulled tocome back to her faith where she finds that true healing. (Really beautiful movie! Totally recommend it!)

We all have broken roads that we have been on. Maybe some of us are still walking that broken road right now.

My dear sisters, Our God is one that always is striving to catch our attention and stir something in our hearts. He is a God that will use every opportunity to bring us back or bring us closer to him. Sometimes those moments are broken roads.

When we are pushed to our limits, those moments when we feel like everything is falling apart and we have no more strength to move...THAT is when God truly SHINES! It is in those moments when we are the strongest because we can completely lean on God's strength.

If you are walking that broken road, you don't need to walk it alone. Our Lord is right there, walking with you. Sometimes...he is even carrying you.

Lean on his strength today!


Walking Together, Sandra

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